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Company Overview

Mansai Biomedical Waste Enterprises Pvt Ltd (MBMWEPL) is the best Common Biomedical treatment facility in Jalgaon. MBMWEPL is engaged in Bio-medical waste management on BOOT basis project. The Company has a full fledged Bio-medical waste disposal facility in Jalgaon for Jalgaon Municipal Corporations Jalgaon. The facility is equipped with Incinerator with pollution controlling wet ventury scrubber, Waste Autoclave, Waste Shredder, gas monitoring device, effluent treatment plant and computerisation.

The Company has client base of about 790 Bio-medical waste generators and the waste is collected on daily basis from all of them .

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Our Services

Biomedical Waste collection

We are providing waste collection service to all clients ranging from 24 hrs to 48 hrs....

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waste bags

Provision of colored bags as per BMWR-2016 for storage and transport of biomedical waste...

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Biomedical Waste Bins

We are also providing the waste bins as per colour coding for storage of biomedical waste...

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Training to HCF’s employees

We have a dedicated team to provide trainings to HCF employees on proper management, handling..

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Our Working Process


Incineration of waste converts the biomedical waste into ash, flue gas, and heat.


Autoclave facility dedicated for the purposes of disinfecting and treating bio-medical waste.

Chemical Disinfection

Chemical disinfection dedicated for the purposes of disinfecting and treating bio-medical wastes.


Shredding post autoclaving plastic waste are shredded into small pieces.

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